“KOURAKUEN is the 1st top sales in the Japan Ramen industry!”

KOURAKUEN Ramen, has the most branches in Japan, and was founded in 1954 in Fukushima, by Mr.Tsukasa Niida founder of KOURAKUEN. There are over 520 KOURAKUEN restaurants in Japan, and more than 60 million customers a year. We provide an exclusive taste and the same service level at every store. This is allowed us to achieve the NO.1 top sales in the ramen industry!

“Unique quality of KOURAKUEN”

We offer a variety of bowls that are very unique textures of ramen and broth. We promise offering the customers with our “KOURAKUEN” experience and make them always satisfied & smiling!

Every bowl of KOURAKUEN is our delicate balance of ingredients and broth. Our distinctive formula for more than 50 years, make us offering the customers with the finest taste of noodles. We add lot of water and use heat to make noodles crisp, but smooth. Focus on keeping the food temperature over 80 degrees Celsius up to get the delicious ramen. Including our broth, we made from dozens of quality raw materials.

In addition, our pork Chashu cooked with our secret recipe by boiling with the “Natural Raw Materials” without seasoning and we sliced pork Chashu to reach the soup into every layer of pork. Additionally, the eggs fermented with special shoyu sauce.

And another recommend menu is the dumplings pork, which we expertly grilled till its deliciously golden crisp on one side and pleasant moist within. KOURAKUEN’s Gyoza has become our most famous and favorite dish.

KOURAKUEN Thailand has become the most popular ramen restaurant over 5 years.

Highlights of the quality of raw materials and reasonable prices.

KOURAKUEN opened the first international shop in Thailand (2012), with original taste from Japan, combined with the highest quality of ramen, admirable service together with distinctive ambience.

KOURAKUEN hopes that all of the customers will satisfied the authentic Japanese ramen taste, and we do promise that our ramen will be the global standard that you can possibly taste without flying to Japan. You can enjoy every meal at KOURAKUEN.