Personal Data Protection Policy

President Kourakuen Company Limited (“Company”) gives the utmost importance to protecting the privacy of customers’ personal data. The Company collects customers’ information for their benefits and rights related to cumulative reward points and the Company’s service provision only as permitted by the customers. Such personal information is used for specified purposes and the Company does not have the policy to supply the information to any third party without the customer’s acknowledgment. 

The Company has been well aware that customer’s information is the privacy right solely owned by the customers themselves. The Company, therefore, makes every effort to keep the customers’ personal information safe and use it with caution. For this reason, the Company has developed measures to protect the customers’ personal information and has managed it within the organization efficiently.

Privacy Policy and Terms

This Privacy Policy (“Policy” or “Privacy Policy”) will be applied to the Company’s website (, the service provision, members’ identity authentication, including the releases of public relation news, marketing activities, the benefit offers to customers, product presentations that are currently available or may be in the future. Below are the details

1. Information Collected by the Company 

  1. Personal information * of the Company’s customer, which consists of
  2. General personal information which is the name, the surname, the date of birth, the citizenship identification card number and / or passport number, etc.
  3. Contact information which is  the address, the phone number, the e-mail address, the social media contact information, etc.

*refers to the personal data within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act A.D. 2019 (Section 4).

2. Collection of Personal Data

As a customer of the Company, his personal information may be collected by the Company or its supplier for the purpose of membership registration, use of membership rights and benefits, points cumulation and receiving of public relations news and marketing activities from the Company or those authorized by the Company.

3. Use of Information

The Company may use the customer’s personal data under any of the following purposes.

  1. To register the customer for the use of the Company’s services.
  2. To provide the services in regard to the accumulation of the Company’s points.
  3. To give replies to the inquiries and assistance to the customers.
  4. To verify or inspect the identity before giving the services to the customer.
  5. To provide releases of public relations news, various benefits and any other related offers through the direct communication method that is operated or authorized by the Company only in the case that the customer gives consent. 
  6. To display advertisements, offers, promotions and conditions customized to the customer’s interests on the Company’s website, the third parties’ websites, social media web sites or various online platforms only with the customer’s consent.
  7. To display tailored content and provide personalized services based on customer’ past activity participation on the Company’s various service channels.
  8. To analyze and develop the Company’s products and services in accordance with the needs of the customers much as possible.
  9. To survey the customer’s opinions and satisfaction regarding the Company’s products and services and to produce the behavioral surveys that can contribute to the development of the quality of the related products and services, etc.
  10. To organize the marketing activities, the sale promotional activities, the games to win prizes including drawing prizes and award redemption or other sale promotional programs under the customer’s permission.
  11. To comply with laws and legal processes.
  12. To protect the rights, properties and safety of the Company or its affiliated companies and / or other business partners under the goal that the Company or those related organizations can solve the problems and provide relevant services more conveniently and quickly.

In addition, the Company may collect or use the customer’s personal data collected from the service provision or from other information servicing channels so that the customer will be able to get the most benefits from the Company’s products and services. The Company will use the legal basis to process the personal data for the purposes described above.

4. Disclosure of Information

The Company will disclose the customer’s personal data internally only to those who have a duty to use such information to help or to provide services at the request of the customer. However, there may be cases where the Company is required to disclose the customer’s personal information to a third party, who may be a legal entity or a natural individual, given that such data disclosure must be within the scope necessary for the transaction.

In addition, the Company may consider transferring, storing and processing the customer’s personal data within and outside the Kingdom of Thailand in accordance with this Privacy Policy. In such regard, the customer acknowledges that the personal data protection laws and other laws of the countries where the information may be transmitted to may not entirely protect the customer data. In that case, the Company will notify the customer prior to the transfer of the information.

5. Period of Storage, Use and Disclosure of Information

The Company does not have the policy to keep the customer’s personal data longer than required by the purpose of that information storage. In such case, the information may be destroyed or deleted from the systems when the Company determines that such data is not necessary to be kept, used or disclosed or when the customer requests by taking reasonable steps. To ensure that the customer information will be processed and retained, the company will carry out the following principles.

  1. To use the information as long as necessary to provide the service to the customer.
  2. To comply with the laws, contracts or legal obligations.
  3. The customer data will be kept as long as required by the processing purposes or longer if specified in the contract, the applicable laws or for statistical purposes, where such data will be under the appropriate protection and care.

6. Rights of Data Owner:

The personal data owner has the right to request the access to such data, the right to object the collection, use or disclosure of such information, the right to request the correction or deletion of such data within the storage period, the right to request the suspension of the use of those personal data, the right to transfer such information to another person, and the right to file complaints and to withdraw consent.

7. Contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or if you wish to exercise any of the rights set out in Section 6 of this Policy, please contact the Company at Tel. 02-374-4730 on working days and hours, Monday – Friday at 8.00 – 17.00 hrs., closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.